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How to Choose a Hotel Reservation Software Solution | SOTA

How to Choose a Hotel Reservation Software Solution

As part of your efforts to take your hotel business online, you may have tied up with a booking engine to boost your online visibility and drive traffic to your hotel website. But then you may have grown frustrated with paying exorbitant commission rates to these  third party providers and have started your quest for a suitable hotel reservation software solution.

Alternatively, you could be using an outdated software solution which doesn’t seem to serve the needs of your growing hotel business. You may be on the hunt for a hotel reservation software that could match those booking engines out there without pinching you financially.

There are various hotel reservation software solutions available out there. Choosing one that suits your needs, more often than not,  is a tricky affair.

Here are some main areas you ought to consider before committing yourself to a hotel reservation software solution .

Ease of Use
The software should be easy enough to be used by just about anyone, regardless of the user’s technical knowledge or expertise. The explanation provided though should be in depth and cover step-by-step instructions. In short, the manual must be in an easy-to-understand layman language. Where technical lingo is used, explanations and clarifications must be provided.

User Levels
The hotel reservation software solution must allow you to easily set different user levels. For example, if the manager sets the room rates, access could be given to clerical staff to enter booking details without giving them access to change room rates.  The software should also allow the creation of unlimited user levels without the need to upgrade software or pay extra.

Reasonably-Priced, Affordable software
The hotel reservation software should not pinch you financially in the long term. It’s not only the start up cost you should consider. You should also look into hidden costs that you would be required to pay.

Consider having to pay for software version upgrades or paying for additional features you may need, like increasing the number of users. You should thoroughly investigate these hidden costs before committing to a hotel reservation software solution.

Besides that, the hotel reservation software should also be able to assist you in identifying trends in customer purchase behaviour.  For example,  the seasons during which the number of customers and requests for rooms drop or increase. Data should also  be available on the type of guests putting up at  the hotel at any given time to help with marketing campaigns. This would help the hotel with keeping the finger on the pulse of the customer’s needs.

In addition, the hotel reservation system should allow for the establishment of customer profiles, enabling you to connect and get in touch with them easily in regard to  enquiries or bookings.

Get Started
If you looking for ideas with regard to a hotel reservation software solution, you could get started with HAS – Hotel Allotment System developed by SOTA. Rest assured that you get to enjoy all the must-have features listed above.

August 1, 2012