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New pricing structure for SOTA effective 1st January 2012 | SOTA

New pricing structure for SOTA effective 1st January 2012

2011 has been an exciting year for us with campaigns like the Virtual Travel Fair, PayPal Christmas Deals, Maybank More Cash, 24-Hour Deals that have won SOTA many consumers, and who are now part of our traveller base.

As our valued subscriber, we thank you for your continued support as we continue to find ways to provide you with high quality services that support your online travel business.

Since SOTA was launched, we have been receiving regular feedback from our users. One feedback we get most often is for a fixed fee option, which we have now introduced in our new pricing structure effective 1st January 2012.

There will be two options of pricing offered:

  Pricing Options   Fee   What’s Included in Fee
(A) Yearly Subscription   USD600 per year
  (RM1,800 per year)
  • Unlimited number of enquiries for
    12 months
  • Unlimited number of Fastquotes for
    12 months
  • 120 SOTA Credits
  • FREE access to all SOTA modules
  • Priority selection for participation in
    SOTA marketing campaigns
(B) Pay Per Use* *charged in SOTA Credits at rate of USD1.00 = SC1
  • Fees charged based on activity
  • USD1.00/SC1 per enquiry
  • USD0.50/SC0.50
    per Fastquote purchased
  • Nominal fee of
    USD10.00/SC10 per month**
    **(waived if total online
    transaction per month is
    above USD1,000)
  • FREE access to all SOTA modules

Do note that for both pricing options, the SOTA platform fee currently at 1% of total transaction value still applies. All other payment gateway charges remain unchanged until further notice from our providers.


All our current subscriber’ accounts will be set to ‘Pay Per Use’ option effective 1st January 2012. Should you wish to convert to the Yearly Subscription model, or require more information, please contact
sales@sotanetwork.com or call SOTA Support at Tel: 603-8996-8995 .

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working closer with you in 2012.

December 12, 2011