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Fees and Charges for SOTA Tours Access


I am a MATTA Member. How do I Activate my Tours Account and Enjoy this Huge Savings?
If you’re a MATTA member and not yet on the SOTA platform, please sign up for SOTA membership at Matta.Travel  first.

What if I am a MATTA member with a SOTA account?

If you’re already a SOTA member, you need to purchase 500 SOTA Credits (1 SOTA Credit  costs RM1)  to activate your TOURS account and manage your travel products/services/packages together with customer enquiries and e-invoices.

Reminder: You’ll have to purchase your SOTA credits before April 1, 2017  to enjoy the services provided by SOTA, including iPay88 registration and access to Tours.

Please refer to the table below for the services you’ll enjoy on activating your TOURS account.

 SOTA Tours Subscription Fee Tours Set Up Fee IPay88 Bonus Credits
Activation Fee  500 SOTA Credits FREE Set Up/Activation Worth RM300
FREE Activation Worth RM1888 FREE  200 SOTA Credits worth RM200  if you SIGN UP NOW!
You Pay only RM500 for an e-Trading package worth RM2888!
What do I Use the SOTA Credits for?

If you’re new to the SOTA Billing System, you’ll use SOTA credits to pay charges incurred in the course of using the SOTA e-Trading Platform  premium services as follows:

Package Upload Fee : RM10 per package per month. (10 SOTA Credits).
Each package must be uploaded for a minimum of 3 months.

Subscription to e-marketplace (s) (MATTA.Travel site etc)  : RM100 per month (100 SOTA Credits).

For More information on Tours Account activation please contact: