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Fees and Charges for SOTA Tours Access

Cut the Cost of Selling Travel Online

Sign Up for the Travel Package Channel Manager- the All-In-One E-Trading Platform for Travel Operators of All Sizes


Promo 2*: 1% Bonus Credits for online or e-invoice transactions above RM5000 a month
* limited to max RM1000 in bonus credits per month. Bonus offer ends 31 December 2017.


Super Low Investment!

Only RM500 to Kick-Start & Run Your Travel Business Online 24/7 with Payment Gateway Integration

NOTE: Bonus Credits will be offered for transactions in multiples of RM1000. Once the threshold of RM5000 transaction per month is crossed any excess transaction amount that falls below RM1000 will not be entitled to the 1% in bonus credits.

For example if your transaction amount for the month is RM5800. Only RM5000 will be taken into account in the bonus credit calculation. The balance RM800 will not be entitled to bonus credits as it falls short of RM1000.  Also, the balance RM800 will not be carried forward to the following month.


Terms and Conditions:
*Please allow up to  7 working days for account activation upon receipt of Prepaid payment.
* Payment gateway activation is subject to complete document submission and Bank approval.
* Payment for services (package hosting, e-marketplace subscription etc) is made via deduction of prepaid credit from activated account.
* Minimum Prepaid credit to activate account is RM500.
* Credit is deducted according to number of packages X number of months for package to be published.
*RM10 per package per month will be charged in the form of deduction of 10 credits.
Hosting period is 30 days from the date package is published.
* All rates are subject to change.|
Any fees or charges paid either for the purchase of prepaid credits or for other services are non-refundable should the credit or service is unutilised by the travel operator, or if the travel operator withdraws from participation in the Travel Package Channel Manager.


What do I Use the SOTA Credits for?

If you’re new to the SOTA Billing System, you’ll use SOTA credits to pay charges incurred in the course of using the SOTA e-Trading Platform  premium services as follows:

Package Upload Fee : RM10 per package per month. (10 Credits deducted from your account).

Subscription to e-marketplace (s) (MATTA.Travel site etc)  : RM100 per month (100 SOTA Credits).

For More information on Tours Account activation please contact:


Sign-up Enquiries and Account Activation
Package Hosting & Publishing

Faizal Aznizol Aziz (M : 012-2270190)

iPay88 Payment Gateway

Kaylie Tan (M: 014-2268809)

Sam Lee (M: 016-3976797)


Free TOURS Training SOTA



I am a MATTA Member. How do I Activate my Tours Account and Enjoy this Huge Savings?
If you’re a MATTA member and not yet on the SOTA platform, please sign up for SOTA membership at Matta.Travel  first.

What if I am a MATTA member with a SOTA account?

If you’re already a SOTA member, you need to purchase 500 SOTA Credits (1 SOTA Credit  costs RM1)  to activate your TOURS account and manage your travel products/services/packages together with customer enquiries and e-invoices.

Non-MATTA Members

I’m a travel agent but not a MATTA member. Am I elegible to subscribe to the Travel Package Channel manager?

You don’t have to be a MATTA member to sell your products online with the Travel Package Channel Manager. There are other marketplaces available where you could sell without being a MATTA member. Please contact our support personnel at the numbers listed above for assistance.