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Travel Package Channel Manager E-Platform FAQ | SOTA

What is the Travel Package Channel Manager

The  Travel Package Channel Manager is an all-in-one, e-platform set up  exclusively for small and medium-sized travel operators to take their businesses online quickly, easily and affordably.

Who can participate in the Travel Package Channel Manager E-Platform?

The E-Platform is open to players in the tourism industry – travel agents, hotels, theme park operators, car rental agencies, dive operators and anyone selling travel-related products and services and are looking to promote and sell them online without having to go through the hassle of setting up their own online storefront.

What are among  the benefits my travel business will enjoy by signing up for the Travel Package Channel Manager E-Platform?

  1. You don’t have to go through the trouble of setting up your own website and incur cost of maintaining and updating it.
  2. You don’t have to pay domain registration fees or web hosting fees, which you would have to do annually if you’re running your own website.
  3. You don’t have to worry about setting up a secure , payment processing system to receive online payments. The Travel Package Channel Manager comes integrated with a world-class secure payment gateway to ensure you receive payments for your travel products and services safely and securely into your bank account.

I do not have the technical know-how to run an e-commerce site. Will it be difficult for me to sell my packages over the Travel Package Channel Manager E-Platform?

There are no complex procedures to learn and no software or hardware to be installed. As you’ll be operating on a cloud-based e-commerce platform, there’ll be no software updates to fuss over as well.

The technical side will be set up for you at no extra cost.

In short, if you could send an email, you could sell your packages online via the Travel Package Channel Manager.

If I sign up for the Travel Package Channel Manager E-Platform, will I be getting a complete, self-contained, e-commerce package?

Yes, you will be enjoying a complete e-commerce package, which enables you to:

  1. host your packages online
  2. receive enquiries for them
  3. And when the customer is ready to pay, you will receive your payment,  online directly into your bank account.

Will receiving payment online be safe?

Yes because customers will not be banking into your account directly. You will receive your payment through iPay88, a secure and trusted payment gateway in Malaysia used by at least 70,% of Malaysian e-commerce companies.

Will I have to pay for this payment gateway facility?

Ordinarily, you’ll have to pay RM1888 to have the iPay88 payment gateway integrated into your website. If you sign up for  the Travel Package Channel Manager E-Platform this fee is waived and you pay only RM0.00. Zero cost, in other words. This is an exclusive offer for E-Platform members only. You’ll never get a deal like this anywhere in town.

What can I expect from TOURS, the versatile 24/7 Travel Package Booking System that comes with the Travel Package Channel Manager E-Platform?

Within a few clicks of the mouse, the E-Platform through the TOURS system, enables travel agents to operate their travel businesses online, round-the-clock, 24/7, even during weekends and public holidays, by providing the following facilities:

  1. uploading their packages to the web
  2. receiving enquiries from potential customers all over the world,
  3. Creating  e-invoices as per customer request
  4. receiving payment securely in Malaysian ringgit,  directly into their bank accounts via credit card or online banking.

Tell me more about the travel operators who have signed up for the Travel Package Channel Manager E-Platform.

They are forward thinking modern travel operators looking to future-proof their businesses against an emerging travel consumer trend of buying online and to profit from technology while taking their businesses to the next level.

They are extending their market reach by tapping into a local and international customer base normally not accessible  through their offline marketing channels.

Are travel operators with their own websites signing up with the Travel Package Channel Manager E-Platform?

Yes, even those operators with their own websites have signed up, not wanting to miss out on the exposure provided online.

How does the credit system work in Travel Package Channel Manager E-Platform?

Each credit in your account is worth RM1 (1 Credit = RM1)

There’s no expiry date for the credits your purchase. You may use them at any time you wish. They will remain in your account until you use them.

For what services can I use my credits for?

Package Hosting:

  • You pay only 10 credits worth RM 10 per month  for every package you hos.

How can I get more information on signing up for the Travel Package Channel Manager E-Platform?

Should you have any questions on any aspect of your participation in the E-Platform, please do not hesitate to contact us at matta@sota.travel

or call Faizal Aznizol Aziz at 012-2270190.